Art has always been a part of Terri's life in one form or another; the typical arts and crafts throughout school. She has enjoyed participating in all aspects but never saw herself as an artist.

In 2001 Terri was looking for something she could do and was interested in. Being inspired by a family friend who painted beautiful floral watercolors, she enrolled in a college watercolor class.

After moving to Idaho in 2005, she quickly heard of Create Art Center in Newport that catered to the arts. That's where Terri met Shirley Bird Wright, an amazing artist who seemed to paint an entire scene with just one stroke of her brush! Terri was enthralled! She studied under Shirley for many years.

Terri has entered many competitions for Create and Evergreen Art Association with both watercolor painting and photography. 


She has completed several commissions for family and friends.

Terri began showing her artwork in a local gallery in 2014 and in 2015 she found a home for her artwork in The Artisan Gallery in Priest River.


The Artisan Gallery, Priest River, ID    


ERGJ Gallery, Newport, WA


Various art shows for Create and Evergreen Art Association, Newport, WA


Fall 2016 - Fall 2017; Good News Northwest, Annual Christian Directory; cover and pgs. 15 & 24


If you wish to view more of her artwork visit her Facebook page:



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