Grace started using color pencils when they were gifted to her in the spring of 2014. Soon she found images on YouTube and Instagram of people using color pencils to create amazing artwork.

Undaunted, Grace decided to draw a pet portrait of her sister’s cat. She had so much fun that she bought more pencils and drew other pets. Grace loves to draw pet portraits because it brings people so much joy.

Grace started drawing wildlife and she couldn't help but make a list of animals that she also wanted to draw. 

Now practically all of her free time is dedicated to drawing and learning. Most of what she has learned about colored pencil drawings (different techniques, styles, papers, and pencils, etc.) is what she has found on the internet and has adapted to suit her the best.

Grace has recently ventured out and started painting with pastel pencils.

If you wish to view more of her artwork visit her website, Facebook or Instagram page:


The Artisan Gallery, Priest River, ID    


March 2016  Pend Oreille Arts Council Winter Show



Winter 2016/17 edition, Northern Journeys Newspaper

January 2017, feature article, Colored Pencil Magazine