Ellen has enjoyed working with all manner of fiber for over 20 years so it was a natural move that she would try felting; it is felt that continues to captivate her. She was immediately captivated with the colors, textures, and versatility of the medium. Although sometimes an unpredictable medium the possibilities are endless for creative expression, which she finds inspiring and energizing. Ellen’s subject matter comes primarily from the natural world and what she attempts to capture with felt is not only nature's quiet beauty, but also, how it moves her inwardly. 


Ellen is primarily self-taught but has attended workshops with Moy MacKay, a felt painter from Scotland and also, world-renowned Canadian felter, Fiona Duthie.


Her work has been shown in juried exhibitions in Canada and the U.S. and is now on display at the Artisan Gallery in Priest River, Idaho.  Beginning in September 2017, Ellen will begin showing at Art Works Gallery in Sandpoint, ID.


She is currently producing Felt Paintings, Artisan Textiles/Wearables in Felt, Wall Hangings, Felted Vessels and Other Sculptural Forms, and Light fixture shades.


Artists' Studio Tour of North Idaho

Pend Oreille Arts Council Artwalk

Calyx Distinctive Arts, Calgary Alberta

Fort Calgary Artisan Fair, Calgary, Alberta


Digital book, “stories of the trees:  a surface design online challenge” with Fiona Duthie. Pgs. 14-15, and back cover.


Downhill Flyer
Felted Vessel/Luminary
Felted Vessel/Luminary
Nuno Wool Felted Silk Scarves
Felted Vessel/Luminary
Nuno Wool Felted Silk Scarves
Aspen Finery
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